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Moremi GR and Chobe NP, Botswana

Brilliant Botswana

£6,500 pp sharing

At a Glance

Dates: September 1st - September 15th, 2025

Extension: We do not currently offer any extensions to this itinerary.

Prices: £6,500 pp sharing (with no single supplement)​, excluding international flights.

In a sentence: A mobile safari taking in the very best game-viewing areas in Africa - arguably the quintessential safari experience.


The Okavango Delta is synonymous with the most luxurious, exclusive and jaw-dropping safaris in Africa. This sensational wilderness area is home to all of the Big Five and so much more, with packs of wild dog, coalitions of cheetah and a laundry list of rare and unusual species all regularly seen. This exclusive safari takes in some of the very finest game-viewing areas in Africa, including Moremi, Savute, and Chobe, offering a safari experience like no other. Guests should expect a richly varied holiday, with the chance to view elephant, lion, leopard and much more, accessing this wonderful safari area from our very own mobile camp. Truly, this is one of the most complete safari packages on the continent today.


Day One


On your arrival into Maun, you will be met by your Pictus Safaris tour leader and transferred to your local hotel. There will be a pre-tour briefing in the hotel this evening, with the remainder of your day at leisure ahead of a busy itinerary to come. 

Day Two

Moremi - Xakanaxa

This morning we transfer to arguably the most productive areas for game-viewing in all of Africa - Xakanaxa. After breakfast at our hotel in Maun, it will be a drive of around three hours before we reach the wilderness area we are interested in, but don't be surprised if we begin to see excellent game en route! Previous visitors have spotted wild dog, lion, elephant and spotted hyena on this drive through the periphery of Moremi, so we will be sure to keep our eyes peeled.


After arriving at our mobile campsite deep in Xakanaxa by just gone midday, a game drive this afternoon is a great way to explore the surprisingly expansive plains found here. This is one of the best places anywhere in Botswana to view cheetah, and we will make a special effort to find these threatened cats this afternoon. Besides cheetah, large packs of African wild dog traverse this area regularly, and leopard and lion sightings are regularly recorded. All of the Big Five, in fact, are regularly recorded here, making every game drive truly exciting. As this will be our first game drive proper, we will also be sure to pause regularly to admire the varied ungulate species that occur here, as well as generic plains game - red lechwe, impala, greater kudu, giraffe, buffalo and much more all abound here, and we will be sure to have a satisfying number of quality sightings by the time we return to camp for dinner at sunset.

Days Three to Four

Moremi - Xakanaxa

The next two full days will be spent exploring Xakanaxa on morning and afternoon game drives. Significant time will be spent exploring the open plains, where cheetah and wild dog are regularly recorded, and even white rhino have begun to be encountered in recent years. The denser woodland beyond the airstrip are a good bet for lion and leopard, and will also be an area we focus on in the cooler hours of the day. In truth, there is no telling which species we may encounter here, and previous groups have spied wild cat, caracal, serval and much more, meaning that every game drive is hugely exciting!

Day Five

Moremi - Khwai

This morning we begin our north-eastward traverse of the Okavango Delta, leaving Xakanaxa behind and travelling for a half day to reach the densely-vegetated Khwai. Our transfer is, again, likely to produce sightings as we travel, and we have seen wild dogs and leopard on this drive before. It is a long and dusty drive, though, so our mid-afternoon arrival in Khwai will be welcome, with some downtime to follow to allow us to settle into camp.

An afternoon drive, our first on Khwai, is a chance to familiarise ourselves with this different environment. The woodland here is denser than in Xakanaxa, making it a haven for leopard and wild dog in particular. Cheetah are all but absent here, but caracal and lion are recorded fairly often, and the supporting cast of elephant, giraffe and buffalo is near-constant in their presence. This is a good area for unusual ungulates including sable and roan too, and we may get lucky with a prolonged sighting before returning to camp this evening.

Days Six to Seven

Moremi - Khwai

Two full days in Khwai are a real privilege, and we aim to take advantage of every moment. Morning and afternoon game drives offer the chance to view some of Africa's most iconic fauna. Our exact focus each day is flexible to the interests of the group, but we expect rewarding sightings of big cats, wild dogs and even large clans of spotted hyena to take centre stage. The birdlife here is also remarkable, and we will enjoy sightings of all species at a sedate pace to ensure excellent photographic opportunities.

Day Eight


After another half-day transfer, we arrive in one of Botswana's most iconic wilderness areas, Savute. Our mobile camp is situated near the Savute Channel, a water source that only fills periodically, but when it does it floods the area with life. Over the last decade or so, the channel has run dry, driving the wildlife here towards the few remaining water sources. This hardship has delivered incredible wildlife sightings, with perhaps the most famous example being the large pride of lion here that hunt elephant - a remarkable sight! 

After a late lunch, an afternoon game drive to the world-famous Savute Marsh is in order. This once grassy marsh has become arid in recent years, although it still attracts a rich variety of game. Lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, elephant and the odd-looking bat-eared fox are all commonly seen here, making every game drive an adventure. After our drive, dinner can be enjoyed whilst listening to the rumble of elephants nearby, and perhaps the roars of the resident lions.

Days Nine to Ten


Savute can be a tough but hugely rewarding safari destination, and we expect lengthy morning and evening game drives to be amongst the most productive of the trip. The dry channels are favourite haunts of large prides of lion, with leopard seen frequently on the large koppie that tower above the savanna. The marsh is arguably the best place to see cheetah in this part of Botswana, and ostrich and bat-eared fox are easily seen here.

Day Eleven


Our final half-day transfer takes us to the famed Chobe riverfront. Our secluded mobile camp is a stone's throw from the Chobe river itself - this area is often overlooked by serious safari-goers due to the perception that it can become overcrowded, but we know a few secret spots to 'get away from it all'. In fact, our most recent tour recorded leopard, lion and wild dog here, as well as the range-restricted puku, sable and literally thousands of elephant. Our afternoon drive will focus on all of these species and more before returning to camp.

Days Twelve to Thirteen


Our final two full days allow for a relaxed exploration of the Chobe Riverfront on game drive and a boat safari. Our focus will shift depending on which mammal and bird species, if any, have eluded us so far, and this is a great opportunity to soak in the unique safari experience that Botswana offers prior to the end of the tour.

Day Fourteen


After a final morning drive, we head to the nearby town of Kasane, where there is a welcome chance to relax and catch up on rest after a busy tour.

Day Fifteen

Tour End

Guests are today transferred to Kasane Airport for their homeward flights.

Please be aware that whilst we make every effort to follow the above itinerary as closely as possible, circumstances may

occasionally arise that mean the tour deviates from the itinerary.

Dates and Prices

This tour will run in September 2025, aiming to take advantage of the end of the dry season when game-viewing can be hugely rewarding. The tour will run from September 1st to September 15th, 2025.

The cost of this trip is £6,500 per person excl. international flights, with no single supplement. This includes all meals, accommodation and wildlife-focussed activities. Drinks are not included.  To secure a booking, a deposit payment of £1,950 must be paid.

Flights and Visas

Pictus Safaris do not offer flight booking services. However, we do recommend the use of travel comparison websites such as or to identify the best fares, and then booking with the airline directly where possible. This will reduce the likelihood of complications and fees should any issues with your booking arise. If you wish to spend an additional night in Maun or Kasane at the beginning or end of your tour, we can arrange this for you at an extra cost. 

British nationals do not require a visa to enter Botswana for spells of up to ninety days. Clients of other nationalities are advised to check well before travel whether they require an entry visa. 

Weather and What to Bring

The weather in Botswana in September is hot and dry, with maximum temperatures of around 34 degrees Celsius. At night, temperatures will drop to around 16 degrees Celsius. It will feel much colder in the early morning.

A full packing list will be circulated at least two months prior to departure. Pictus Safaris will be able to provide one extra set of binoculars and two spotlights per group, and clients are welcome to bring additional camera, videography and scope equipment should they wish to. Please note that the use of drones is not permitted in many protected areas. We strongly recommend bringing comfortable, loose-fitting and neutral-coloured clothing on safari - please do not bring camouflage clothing. We recommend against dark coloured clothing (e.g. black or dark blue) as this attracts biting flies. Worn-in hiking boots with ankle support are a must, as are sunglasses, sun protection and a hat.

Do also remember to budget for any expenses not included in the cost of the trip, including for gratuities and additional activities. We recommend bringing US Dollars.

Safety and Security

There are no security concerns in any of the areas visited by this tour.

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