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Why Choose Pictus Safaris?

Whether you are a frequent traveller to Africa or planning your first safari, selecting your destination and operator can be a daunting first step. Here are a few reasons you should trust Pictus Safaris with your holiday.

1. We can take you to destinations nobody else could

We are proud that we can offer safaris to parts of Africa left largely untouched by the effects of mass tourism. Our strong relationships with ground operators across the continent enable us to open up areas previously considered inaccessible, including Chinko Nature Reserve in the Central African Republic, the wilderness of southern Angola and the remote watercourses of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2. We specialise in finding the rarest wildlife on the continent

Here at Pictus Safaris, we love the "Big Five", but Africa has so much more to offer. Cheetah and wild dog are often targets on our trips, particularly in areas where their populations are exceptionally valuable, such as West Africa. Giant Eland and Bongo, as well as numerous rare Duiker species, can be seen on our trips to the dark heart of Central Africa. We are even able to offer trips into the Sahara, in search of Sand Cat, Fennec Fox and much more.

3. We offer personalised service and a great price

Sadly, visitors to Africa are often forced to choose between an affordable price and a holiday that meets their highest expectations. We always offer our very best prices to all our clients, and always ensure that itineraries are designed to suit wildlife enthusiasts and first-timers alike. We also always ensure your trip has a Pictus Safaris representative, to ensure you get the most out of your safari. Furthermore, we're partnered with the excellent

4. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do

We strive to make the magical experience of an African safari available to everyone, regardless of your gender, race or sexual orientation. We hold all our employees and partners to extremely high standards to guarantee a safe and enjoyable holiday for all. If you would like to learn more about our policy on diversity and inclusion, contact us at

5. We know what we're doing

Our team and guides are experts in each and every destination we offer. We are all experienced mammal-watchers, with decades spent in the remotest areas of Africa searching for rare wildlife. 

6. Safety is our number one priority

Prior to every departure, we conduct multiple risk assessments, which we are happy to share with you on request. We will never run a safari to an area where we believe there is a material risk to our customers' safety. We always keep clients updated when it comes to changes in the security situation in their destination country, and will only travel with clients who have adequate travel insurance.

7. Your money is safe with us

Pictus Safaris are a member of Protected Trust Services, with membership number 5645. Funds paid to Pictus Safaris are placed into a trust account within the UK. For more information, see below and learn more at the Protected Trust Services' consumer protection page here.

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